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Putting the right measures in place from the top down will give your company the direction and momentum it needs to thrive at the highest level.

And it is leadership that really counts, not just a good leader – a leader who can translate that sense of responsibility through the workforce.

Understanding the personal and career goals of employees will help to get an insight into what motivates people and what they need to succeed.

After all it is individual successes within a collective that delivers greater success for a company – all workers need to be a part of the story.

Encouraging open respectful dialogue between departments smoothes the foundations for a co-operative environment working towards the same goal.

Trust is a major factoring in maintaining the correct collaborative mindset among employees, a major part of which is willingness to take responsibility.

Stand up and be counted

Holding your hand up when something goes wrong is not a weakness – it is the very opposite.

Encouraging a style of leadership that leads by example in taking accountability will encourage a ripple effect. When employees truly take responsibility for their actions it brings an extra dimension of dedication to getting the job done well.

Why is this so important? Because the pursuit of excellence involves having the confidence to leave your comfort zone – and this is what it takes to push a company from being ‘at risk’ to excelling.

Sandler Training identifies businesses as falling into four categories:

  • At Risk: Leader-centric to the point they struggle if the leader is absent.
  • Average: Doing well enough but at risk of losing ground due to over-reliance on the leader.
  • Well-managed: Success is obvious but the company culture needs a stronger foundation to cope with change.
  • Excellent: Excellence underpins the company’s constant drive to move forward – with staff and management sharing the same ethos.

Being ready to adapt to change and rise to new challenges is essential – and having staff that are willing to do that makes the difference.

Sandler Training uses the principles of organisational excellence to help companies move from being at risk to excelling.

The path to success

The approach involves drawing up a roadmap to bring about change, which revolves around the ‘6 p’s’.

These are:

  • Planning – Without direction we are all aimless, set your company’s compass pointing in the right direction and get your priorities straight.
  • Positions – Think carefully about what skills you need to help your business thrive, don’t be afraid to break the mould.
  • People – The lifeblood of any organisation. Get this right and thrive, get this wrong and spend years kicking a brick wall. Choose new employees carefully and identify existing staff who can work to achieve your vision.
  • Processes: This is the ‘how to’ that you need to meet your objectives. Without clear working practices employees will be left to their own devices. If you know how you want things doing, make it clear.
  • Performetrics: Are you doing ok? How are staff performing? It’s impossible to tell without taking the time to monitor results. Put the right program in place to record the metrics that matter.

Passion: Enthusiasm is infectious, just make sure everyone catches some! A passion to succeed needs to be encouraged in every single member of staff. This needs to be filtered down from the top – but make sure staff members are really on board by finding out what makes them tick.

Organisational excellence offers a way to put your house in order to achieve the very best results - and give you the momentum to keep moving forward.

To find out how to introduce organisational excellence in your business get in touch with Sandler Training or learn more here.

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