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Sales is not an exact science – success is a result of using the right approach at the right time but how do you know what is working?

One-to-one meetings, emails, networking, cold calling – the methods used to capture fresh sales are varied with some more suited to particular industries than others.

Getting what you want is not always easy but with the right skill set in place striking a deal that works for you will become second nature.

The secret to achieving a successful outcome is negotiation mastery – where both sides feel that they are getting a great deal.

There is a secret to success - the only thing is it’s not that much of a secret, more of a plan.

How do you make the best even better? By finding the perfect match – and in teaming up with renowned motivational specialist Ziglar that is exactly what Sandler Training has done.

I guess I’m the only one here who, when looking for Sales and customer facing staff, saw a CV that described James Bond, sat with a candidate who interviewed like Daniel Craig, then sadly had to work with Johnny English for years when they hit the payroll?

We hire salespeople who claim good past results and appear professional and competent at interview and then they fail to hit agreed targets. Why is that?