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How serious are you about growing your business, your profits and your services? Most businesses owners say they are doing ok so why do they need to change?

Most business owners are great at delivering products/service but as they grow and develop the business they neglect the need for new skills, creating unseen inefficiencies and ‘grow themselves cash poor’.


We all have four devils within us: EGO, APATHY, IGNORANCE and FEAR. One of these four prevents them from change, therefore managers become bottlenecks within their own company.


Just this week I spoke to a business owner, who on the surface is doing really well – and is just about to employ his 10th sales director! Unfortunately he hasn’t made any changes to the hiring or the on-boarding process. He has not put in any systems or processes in place to check this decision so that he doesn’t make the same mistake for the 10th time. Why? Because he would have had to do something differently and one of his devils stopped him CHANGING.

Another example today, the owner of a business told me he just employed three BDMs. He has no on-boarding process, no framework to coach, train and mentor new staff. This is the first time he has hired BDMs. They have been there for 2 months and all they achieved is ‘getting to know the business’. With no targets, no direction and no accountability they will burn profits and quickly impact on cash flow.

So what’s happening?

Both these owners have a desire for success but have not committed to CHANGE. As a business owner it is your responsibility to educate yourself and your people. Managers who don’t commit to continuous education burn profits and don’t even realise until it’s too late.

So what is commitment?

Commitment is taking responsibility for where you are right now, reviewing the good, bad and the ugly and doing something about it. Commitment is asking yourself “what don’t I know”, what do I need to learn?” Recognise the devils within you and ask others for help.

What’s stopping YOU from CHANGE?

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