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How do you make the best even better? By finding the perfect match – and in teaming up with renowned motivational specialist Ziglar that is exactly what Sandler Training has done.

Setting in place the foundations to achieve reliable sales success has made Sandler Training a world-class force in equipping sales teams with the finest techniques.

Now working in partnership with motivational specialist Ziglar, Sandler Training wants to underpin that expert technique with the optimal mindset.

Light the pathway to success

Focused, driven and knowledgeable staff will deliver results time after time no matter what the industry or specification – they just need the correct advice to light the pathway to success.

The strategic partnership between Sandler Training and Ziglar is a natural fit. Commitment to results motivates both partners, who have long held a mutual admiration for their ability to drive people forward.

While Sandler Training focuses on strategy and action by equipping sales forcescustomer service teams and entrepreneurs with the know how to chase down business success, Ziglar is all about attitude and honing a mental approach that delivers a ‘can do’ attitude.

Reach new heights

These strengths combined offer a truly potent tonic to help businesses reach even higher and attain new levels of success.

Sandler Training is already established in 31 countries around the world, with 250 offices that help corporate clients unlock the potential of their workforce through tailored strategies and techniques.

Ziglar brings 40 years of experience as a leading motivator. With this strategic alliance it will allow the corporate world to understand how exceptional motivation can influence business success.

This exciting link up will allow Sandler Training to expand its offering with new courses, as well as enhance existing programs. Additionally Ziglar will compliment its motivational program with tailored Sandler courses.

The strategic alliance is one very much built on mutual admiration with Sandler and Ziglar both known to be market leaders.

With a millennial generation showing uncertainty towards their career paths, Sandler and Ziglar knew the time was right to bring their innovative techniques together to help more people – and more firms – enjoy success and fulfilment.

Watch Sandler CEO Dave Mattson and Zig Ziglar chat about the venture:

Focused, motivated and with the route to success mapped out - the best just got even better.

To prove this Sandler is offering a free session to anyone interested.

Go to and add Ziglar in the subject line on the ‘Contact Us’ form to take part. Contact Sandler today for more information on motivational sales training in Staffordshire and Cheshire.

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