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We Work With—Professional Service Providers

Business development without making you sound or feel like a salesperson

Nobody ever told me that I’d have to sell...

When you started at your firm or practice, were you not aware that you would be responsible for sales or business development? Do you have no idea where to start?


Sandler training developed specifically for professional service providers will enable you to integrate the very same creative, organisational, analytical, and communication skills required in your profession into an effective framework of activity to identify and qualify business opportunities. And, you’ll discover how to comfortably, competently, and consistently obtain new clients without having to resort to stereotypical “selling” tactics. 

Client and Business Development Training for Professional Service Providers

How do you consistently bring new business into your organisation? Professional Advantage training will teach you how to acquire more clients, develop more opportunities and maximise your time.

A fresh take on the account development process

If you are a solicitor , engineer, accountant, architect, or other professional, building a thriving client base, you have to confidently and competently sell yourself, your ideas, and your services. But if you’re like many professional services providers, “selling” is not a natural part of your business DNA. You are nowhere near as confident and comfortable selling your service as you are delivering it. 

A sales book especially for professional service providers

Authors and Sandler trainers Chuck and Evan Polin discuss their latest book, Selling Professional Services The Sandler Way, and how Sandler's principles can have a major impact on practice development.

When it comes to business development—unlike your corporate counterparts—there are different factors that can make non-selling professionals successful in securing new clients.

Get measurable results.

When you become Sandler-certified, you have access to measurable results at every step of the training process. Your progress is documented from competent through proficient to sales mastery.

The Sandler Blog

Insight and tips on current sales, sales management, leadership and management topics. We invite you to comment on our posts and to pass them on to your colleagues.

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