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Sales is not an exact science – success is a result of using the right approach at the right time but how do you know what is working?

One-to-one meetings, emails, networking, cold calling – the methods used to capture fresh sales are varied with some more suited to particular industries than others.

Often it is a combination of the tried and tested that bring results to sales teams.

But what if rather than waiting for the monthly figures sales leaders were able to identify potential problems – or successes?

Keep track of your sales team’s progress

Sandler Training’s SalesAccountability software makes that level of awareness a reality, allowing sales managers to track activities and approaches used by their sales team.

Knowing exactly what works for your company is great; putting that into action is another thing.

SalesAccountability enables sales personnel to record their day-to-day activities allowing individuals to monitor their own workload but also letting managers take an overview.

Repeat patterns that fall short of expected results can be logged and flagged up with employees in the hope that early intervention will put sales targets back on track.

Likewise successful behaviours will become apparent as individual sales records can be cross-referenced to approaches taken, gaining a picture of what makes a successful method. More than just the nitty gritty of who is doing what to make sales and keeping a record of sales metrics, the accountability software can incentivise and guide sales teams.

Improve coaching through feedback and incentives

Competitions can be set up and run on the system as a way to boost motivation. The interactive platform allows for directed support and feedback without the need to block out time-consuming meetings.

Sales employees will know their efforts are being appreciated and will be able to correlate feedback more directly to their actions.

This hands-on coaching is particularly helpful to sales managers looking for more dynamic and flexible interaction with team members.

The system can also be used to great effect to instil a sales ethos across the team. Tasks can be set and monitored to ensure that sales teams are following best practice and optimising the behaviours valued and promoted by the company.

In terms of new starters, sales accountability software can get them up and running quickly. With tasks and expectations broken down and easily accessed, getting to grips with the sales system should be largely straight forward and autonomous.

Don’t be left in the dark

Let SalesAccountability take the strain when it comes to on-boarding new employees and set the tone of the workplace from the off as effective and dynamic. Don’t be left in the dark, let this specially-created app shed light on patterns for success and staff motivation.

Understanding more fully the link between behaviours and results will set in place the foundations for a highly effective sales force.

To find out more about introducing the SalesAccountability software to boost your sales performance in Staffordshire and Cheshire get in touch with Sandler Training.

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