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I recently spent a weekend in London. We walked the busy streets in wet and windy weather, surrounded by pushing crowds going about their weekend plans. Everyone kept their head down and moved at quite a pace! A familiar scene for every city i'm sure, but being used to living in a small town, this quickly got quite frustrating.

In reality, everyone has a place to be, a person to meet, a time scale they are working to. Each person has their own agenda and goals they need to achieve for that day and tourists are just in their way!

At the end of the day, if you didn’t reach your goals, you amend the process for next time for a better chance of success. This could be allowing extra time for your commute for example.

We do this frequently outside of work without thinking about it, but do you do the same at work? If your behaviours didn't get help you reach your goals successfully in the past, why would you keep repeating them?

Plenty of business goals set for 2017 boil down to being better at prospecting. We regularly hear people say “Once I get in front of a prospect, I usually get the business.” But how do you get in front of them?

Get Past The Gatekeeper and Win More Appointments

On 2nd February we are running a half day training session that will change the way you prospect. Using the skills and techniques you will learn in the session, we take the pressure out of those horrible cold calls, making them easier to do and building your confidence in the process.

What happens at the training?

On the day, I will be:

•Showing you how to overcome cold/warm call reluctance by taking the pressure away
•Teaching you proven strategies for getting past the gatekeepers e.g. receptionist or PA.
•Giving you phrases and real life examples to use immediately, with confidence.
•Changing your mindset from “hating cold calling” to “enjoying making prospecting calls”.

Not only will you get 4 hours training at this event, we are working in partnership with Stoke on Trent City Council who can provide you with sector specific data for you to build your prospecting call list.

Date: Thursday 2nd February from 09:30- 13:30
Venue: Sandler Training Suite (within Prompt PC Ltd.), Duke Street, Fenton, ST4 3NR
Cost: £299 +VAT per attendee. All materials are included.

We only have two spaces remaining so don't miss out! Please contact us to book your place. If you don't book on, your competitors might!

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