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There is no two ways about it, prospecting can be tough, but adopting a smart strategy can take the stress out of the search for new business.

Sales growth relies on identifying and making contact with potential customers; standing still is not really an option when market shrinkage or stagnation is the result.

Cultivating relationships with prospects takes time, discipline and effort. While prospecting is recognised as a difficult part of the sales process the pressure to ‘feed the funnel’ and generate new contacts that will translate into sales can be huge.

Adopting techniques that open up the pathway to prospecting more easily makes sense for your business and for the morale of your sales team.


Take the pain out of prospecting

Rather than dread the prospect of making cold and warm calls to maintain a stream of prospects sales teams there are methods that will take the pain out of the process.

Sandler Training has developed a No-Pressure Prospecting course to help sales teams and sales leaders find a stress-free solution to seek out new business opportunities.

Rather than stumble at the first hurdle, No-pressure prospecting will show sales teams how to deal with ‘gatekeepers’ to gain meaningful contact with decision makers.

It is that problem of getting through to the right people that remains a problem in prospecting. Once that hurdle is cleared the call needs to be concise and structured – don’t waste your own time or anybody else’s.

A strategy for prospecting success

Instead, approach prospecting calls with a strategy. Work out what needs to be said in advance and deploy conversational techniques that will secure the appointments needed to further sales.

Then, of course, there are the unreturned calls. If you know a prospect is interested in your product there is no reason why they should ignore your call.

Sandler Training will teach sales teams to get the message right so that those answer phone messages do not go unanswered. Keeping the lines of communication open is an integral part of prospecting and making the sale.

Just by adopting attitudes and behaviours used to great effect in prospecting your sales team can drive new success.

Take the stress out of identifying new sales opportunities with Sandler Training’s No-Pressure Prospecting course.

Businesses in Staffordshire and Cheshire can find out more about implementing these strategies for prospecting success by contacting Sandler Training today.

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