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Getting what you want is not always easy but with the right skill set in place striking a deal that works for you will become second nature.

The secret to achieving a successful outcome is negotiation mastery – where both sides feel that they are getting a great deal.

Of course when both sides are satisfied with the end deal this opens the gateway to further negotiations in future, taking a long view at sales success rather than the short, sharp hard sell.

Sandler Training can transform your sales approach by sharing an understanding of negotiating mastery and equipping sales teams, managers and owners with the tools and know how to strike win-win deals time after time.

If both sides walk away happy then the job is done – and the foundations for a fruitful relationship are put solidly in place.

What is negotiation mastery?

Really negotiation mastery is exactly that, possessing excellent negotiating skills. The Sandler negotiation mastery course will draw on expert advice, experience and top tips to help business owners and sales teams get the best results in any situation.

Working with a professional negotiator those undertaking the negotiating course will develop a deep understanding of the difference between selling and negotiating and how the latter can work for them.

To successfully strike win-win deals that find favour with both parties Sandler’s negotiation mastery course teaches:

  • Common mistakes to avoid;
  • How to find and exploit leverage to strike a deal
  • The importance of preparation
  • How influential personality and negotiating style are
  • Top tips
  • How to break the deadlock

Finding a deal that is fair to both sides is the ultimate aim of negotiation and it is this that will provide the proof of whether both parties would enter negotiations again – the golden standard of success.

By understanding how to make the right kind of concessions and identify a style of negotiation that works for you, future sales deals and contract negotiations can be handled with confidence.

Make sure a win-win deal is always on the table by understanding exactly how the right negotiating skills will bring you the success you deserve.

To find out how Sandler Training can help your business excel at negotiating get in touch.

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